Moving Your Home Into Its Next Phase

One way to make the most of homes is to make changes to them. Whether it is an effort to reorganize the configuration of your space or to make additional space a part of the home, we are prepared to envision with clients and to help guide them on the journey of design. The new life that a remodel can bring to a home has the potential to truly change the way that it feels to live there.

Inviting builders into your home is very personal. In addition to a common understanding about the project, it is important for Trillium carpenters to understand how clients are comfortable with sharing their space during the remodel process. We recognize the unique relationship we are creating together when we are invited into homes where people are continuing to live their lives, and we know that through the small decisions we make on a daily basis, a remodel project can be a positive, exciting time for us both.

I always have had a difficult time picturing things and sincerely appreciated your confidence in how it would all come together. You all played such an important role in the process and in the finished product.
— Carole and Bryan