Maximizing Space, Design, and Science to Create a Home You'll Feel Good In

The range of possibilities in new home construction, both in the realm of design choices and building science which we can employ, is vast. Bringing a knowledgeable builder into the design process allows you to rest assured that time, energy, and ideas will not get lost in the translation from design to build. 

At Trillium, we have built Passive homes with a NetZero trajectory; we have built traditionally framed homes; we have built with structurally engineered panels (SIPS); and we have built with less common methods such as  log building and cordwood. Your Trillium builders have spent their professional lives learning about building methods in a variety of contexts, and we are ready to combine our knowledge and experience with your hopes for a new home. To see the Passive House at Herons Crossing, go to Our Portfolio.

I loved seeing the ideas from our conversations and the drawings that you made come to life in our home. The combination of a beautiful home and its performance as we move through the seasons is astounding.
— Janet