At Trillium, we combine the craftsmanship of tradition with evolving building science, consciousness about sustainability, and planning for present and future needs based on the individual project before us.

Brad Hubbard.


Brad's experience with building started on the north shore of Lake Chelan, growing up in an orcharding family. For more than a decade, he combined service and construction with a love of the outdoors and a connection with Native communities in his work with Visions Service Adventures on the Flathead reservation in Montana, and in the Copper River Basin of Alaska. Since 1997, he has been designing, building, and remodeling with a sustainable consciousness, and has built in Olympia since 2001. 

Mark Dixon


Mark's devotion to detail and precision are hallmarks of his craftsmanship. After growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Mark started in the trades there in there as a production painter. After moving to Washington, he started a residential painting business. Later, he was introduced to the Artisans Group,  a company that then focused on high quality residential remodeling, where he and Brad both lead projects until 2011. When Artisans made the shift to narrow its focus, Brad and Mark founded Trillium. Their focus: quality construction with conscientious methods and materials, driven by the homeowners vision for their home. Mark himself is driven by the satisfaction of a job well done, being hands on with an entire project, and working in a company that is small enough to be personal. He loves the outdoors and getting into the backcountry of Washington State.